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Our History

In 1965, Sophie and Desmond Oppenheimer opened a small store in Ewa District (located on the North West part of the Republic of Nauru) and sold local artifacts and handicraft items.

Named after Sophie's father, Richard Capelle, Capelle & Partner has grown to become a large retail and wholesale business with multiple outlets and over 200 employees. 

Following over 50 years of continuous operation, Capelle & Partner is now the largest independently owned and operated business on Nauru, now managed by Sean Oppenheimer. 


Sophie and Desmond Oppenheimer open a small roadside store with the original intention of selling local artifacts and handicraft items. With the assistance of close family and in particular, Sophie's father Richard Capelle, the business gets under way. 


Sophie and Desmond begin importing a wider range of goods including liquor, general household and grocery items. In the late 1970's, further developments of the original store began.  


Developments of the company's first warehouse (located next to the original store) began in the early 80's. The original store expanded and was no longer the size of a shipping container. 


In the early 90's, the business began importing more stock and expanded its network of suppliers. This was mainly due to the stock was imported due to the completion of the company's first warehouse. 


The company secured land in the district of Anetan (approx. 500 metres away from the original store) and begin constructing its second warehouse in the early 2000's. With the assistance of an Australian builder, the major developments of the original store were completed. The redevelopment of the store and the 2nd warehouse (now called 'the Land') were completed by our own team, many had no previous experience, and were trained on the job!


The reopening of the Regional Processing Centre in Nauru in 2012 strengthened the national economy and opened up several opportunities for Capelle & Partner. In 2012, the Bay Restaurant was also opened in the Anibare District. The Western and Indian Fusion Restaurant was opened with the idea of having a fine dining restaurant where locals and visitors could have a meal.


With the guidance and assistance of an external construction company in Australia, Capelle & Partner renovated and redesigned its store front area to become a multi-store complex. The expansion included a new licensed liquor store, cafe, bakery and the island's first fishing tackle store. The renovation also included a move of the main store warehouse from the front of the building to the side of the premises.  

Present Day

Today, Capelle & Partner employs over 200 staff and offers a range of services including 11 store outlets in multiple districts of  Nauru.  Proudly serving the people of Nauru for over 50 years, C&P continues to be the leader in the retail and wholesale market for the country. 

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