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Capelle & Partner Angam Sports Day

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Dated: October 27, 2020

On Angam Day, Capelle & Partner hosted a fun and friendly sports day for all company staff. It was a great day for all involved with various sports such as volleyball, table tennis, darts and tug of war played throughout the afternoon.

Angam Day is celebrated on the 26th of October and is a very significant day for Nauru and its people. Twice in its history, Nauru's population fell under 1,500 and the Nauruan ethnic group was considered in danger of extinction. On both occasions, the Nauruan population recovered. Upon reaching a population of 1,500 (a number considered to be the minimum for the race to survived), Angam Day was declared.

Lots of smiles, laughter and fun was displayed on the day by all who participated. A successful day for C&P which was aimed to provide a fun day for all staff to interact with each other and let their hair down on a special day for our nation!

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