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Capelle & Partner Launches EFTPOS in all store outlets!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Dated: August 27, 2020

With the assistance of Bendigo Bank, Capelle & Partner becomes the first clients to launch EFTPOS payments in all of its outlets. C&P's Bottle Shop was the first outlet out of 11 to operate its first EFTPOS machine. This was followed by the main supermarket where 4 machines were installed.

Image: Isaac Oppenheimer posing with Bendigo Bank Nauru Agency Manager, Greg Watson during the launch of the first EFTPOS machine in the Bottle Shop.

The launch of EFTPOS on Nauru has made payments much easier especially due to the shortage of coins on the island. The new payment system is a benefit for both customers and the company as there is less cash handling and customers can now pay for goods by tapping their bank cards.

We would like to thank Bendigo Bank for their support in launching this new system and for allowing Capelle & Partner to be the first business on the island to use EFTPOS in our stores.

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