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Easter Promotion 2021

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Dated: April 8, 2021

This year's Easter Promotion was one to remember with significant prizes for customers to win. Three prizes were up for grabs including a kitchen appliance set, a smart TV and a 1 minute trolley dash on our supermarket floor!

The lucky winner was able to grab as many goods as he could in 60 seconds with the shopper going straight for the frozen meats. The first prize recipient was able to walk away with multiple leg hams and quarter leg chickens!

Image: Managing Director, Sean Oppenheimer, posing with the first place winner of the 2020 Easter Promotional Raffle.

Congratulation to the three lucky winners of the 2021 Easter Raffle!

1st Prize- Trolley Dash - Sean Menke

2nd Prize- Smart TV + 1TB Ext Drive - Sunshy Notte

3rd Prize- Kitchen Appliance set - Jeg from Buada

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