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Easter Trolley Dash 2022

Dated: March 22, 2022

Capelle & Partner held its annual Easter Promotion with the main prize being a 1-minute trolley dash on Capelle & Partner's Supermarket floor. This year, C&P had the support from Digicel Nauru and Bendigo Bank Nauru contributing to 2 trolley dashes and 1 trolley dash respectively, with Digicel using their own promotion to draw their winners.

Image: Capelle & Partner's trolley dash winner, Kezmi Adun, with his trolley full of frozen goods after their 1-minute trolley dash.

With four trolley dashes being held on Wednesday, the 20th of April, it was an exciting afternoon with the dashers walking away with full trolleys of frozen goods and grocery items. Capelle & Partner's trolley dash winner, Kezmi Adun, collected $1885.51 worth of frozen goods.

We would like to thank Digicel Nauru and Bendigo Bank Nauru for supporting our Easter Promotion this year and to Nauru Media, for coming out on the day to film the event!

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