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Father's Day Promotion 2021

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Dated: September 4, 2021

Capelle & Partner held a Father's Day Raffle for its customers in 2021 with the top prize being a Half Day (4 Hours) Fishing Charter with our own Equatorial Gamefishing Charters (Sponsored by Capelle & Partner). One of C&P's Australian suppliers, Racer Australia, were able to sponsor the three remaining prizes, which were a non-stick George Foreman grill (2nd place), a Black & Decker 1250W Circular Saw with a 1TB Hard drive (3rd prize) and a Black & Decker 1250W Circular Saw (4th prize).

The 1st prize winner of C&P's annual Father's Day Raffle 2021 posing with his Fishing Charter voucher

On a day that was overshadowed by the rain and stormy weather, the raffle draw still went ahead with the first prize winner in attendance! The lucky customer happily received their prize and was looking forward to an exciting day out on the water!

Please see the below prize winners below:

1st Prize - Joy from Boe

2nd Prize - Sonji Restaurant

3rd prize - B-Wise Hiram

4th Prize - NRC (Boe)

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