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LPG Gas Training and Certification

Updated: May 12, 2023

Dated: September 10, 2022

Capelle & Partner staff received special safety training in LPG Gas from LPG Health & Safety trainer, Campbell Hope from Matson Shipping in New Zealand. The special training was conducted during Mr. Hope's visit from Friday the 2nd of September to Monday, the 5th of September,

The 3 day training workshop comprised of face to face theory lessons on LPG Gas and practical training. In the practical sessions, trainees were shown safe methods on how to handle LPG and how to fill gas bottles from the LPG tanks.

On Monday, the trainees were also joined by the Emergency Service Department and were given on-site practical training at C&P’s Lavagas Farm. Mr Hope was able to give safety instructions on how to react if certain accidents happened on the gas farm. The trainees were also given practical instructions on how to operate the LPG equipment.

Image: C&P Staff posing with their Training Certificates

We would like to extend our thanks to Campbell and to Matson Shipping for providing the much needed safety training for our staff. Being the only LPG Gas providers on the island, it is important to maintain our safety standards and that gas is handled properly and safely by our staff.

Thank you to the Emergency Service Department for being involved in our practical safety training on Monday and to Nauru Media for broadcasting our presentation on Wednesday.

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